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We take compliance seriously! Our own compliance department ensures that we follow all the rules and regulations that we must adhere to.

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Preserving Integrity and Reputation.

Entre Biz is committed to preserving its integrity and reputation by complying with laws and regulations in each of the industries and markets in which it operates. Entre Biz observes high standards of conduct and be aware of the laws and regulations of other countries when conducting cross border transactions, where applicable.

AML/CFT (Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism).

Entrebiz adheres to Singapore’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies and procedures.


FAQs about Compliance.

What is the meaning of Compliance?

Compliance stands for following national and international laws and regulations as well as Entre Biz internal policies, guidelines, and procedures, such as the Rules and Regulations. Entre Biz has a strong interest in preventing corruption, fraud, misstatements of financial transactions, conflicts of interest, abuse of market power and intellectual property, or theft. Therefore, we implemented a compliance program, which is addressing as well legal requirements for example from the Payments Service Act 2019, and state laws of Singapore.

What is our advantage if we are compliant?

Compliance is necessary for a sustainable business – having a clean Compliance record supports continued business and profitability. A strong Compliance program instils trust in our customers, (potential) employees, investors, and the authorities, and can be an effective marketing tool. Compliance protects all of us and our business

What are the risks of non-compliant behaviour?

Non-compliant behaviour creates considerable risks to Entre Biz. Potential sanctions include exclusion from payments services, damage claims from customers and competition, penalties from authorities and lawyer fees associated with defending against such sanctions all of this can result in multi-million payments. Furthermore, Entre Biz can be barred from providing payments services, which would have the potential closing of the entity, and could ultimately threaten the viability of Entre Biz. In addition, our brand reputation may be damaged. In short, even one local non-compliant action can have a material and global impact for Entre Biz. Further, individuals can become subject to sanctions including termination of employment, and in certain jurisdiction, individuals can be subject to criminal prosecution. We are proud of, and believe in, our products…we do not need to pay bribes or fake financial statements to gain sales or show the success of Entre Biz. Anyone behaving in a non-compliant manner puts him/herself, his/her colleagues and Entre Biz at risk!

Who is responsible for Compliance?

Everyone working for Entre Biz is responsible for following national and international laws, and rules and regulations as well as Entre Biz’ s internal policies, guidelines, and procedures, including the Code of Conduct. Supervisors and managers have an increased responsibility to ensure that their area of responsibility complies and to provide proper advice to their teams.

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